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All Phases of Cesspool
Service & Repair

When you need cesspool services, it is important to act quickly and efficiently to minimize damage and stress. Timely repairs could also prevent the need for a complete and costly overhaul of the system. We service and repair and install all of commercial and residential areas throughout Long Island. No job is to big or small.

A cesspool is a concrete cylinder, built underground, thats main purpose is to temporarily store liquid waste and sewage. To explain its function in simple terms, a cesspool is a hole in the ground built to receive sewage. If functioning correctly, the solids will settle at the bottom, the grease rises to the top, the effluent disperses from the bottom and sides and soaks into the ground.

Cesspool Installations

Cesspool installation or replacement involves designating an area to dig out the ground, inserting the cesspool, back-filling the area around dry well, and connecting the pipe. Our team of technicians use top of the line equipment in order to ensure a quick, and efficient installation process.

Cesspool System Maintenance & Cleaning

Cesspool systems are designed to provide treatment and disposal for normal sewage. It is important to not add non-biodegradable materials into your disposal system. Plastics and paper, other than toilet paper, are materials that should never go down your drain. These types of solids will stay in the septic tank until it is pumped during regular maintenance. It is important to have routine maintenance to keep small problems from escalating.

By maintaining a healthy cesspool you will reduce the cost of having to replace or repair the system which is much more costly than a simple maintenance. Cesspools that are not properly maintained are more likely to have issues or stop working completely. If you feel its been to long since your last maintenance, you’re probably right. Give us a call today and we can have one of our technicians out to you immediately.

Cesspool Repairs

If your cesspool is not working properly or in need of repair fast action is vital. Immediate action can save you thousands of dollars and help avoid further contamination of your local water system. The most obvious sign of a broken cesspool is when the plumbing system backs up or fails completely. Our team of professional technicians have the ability to quickly diagnose the problem and implement the most economical solution.

Signs Your Cesspool Needs Repair

  • Wastewater is emerging in your backyard
  • Your kitchen or bathroom plumbing is backing up
  • The smell of sewage is lingering